Wheel rims

Purchase, installation and repair wheels

When you wish to purchase, install or repair wheels, the consultants at Garage A. Prieur & D. Brunette Inc. will be happy to share their expertise and help you make an informed choice. If you want to modify your wheel diameter up or down, talk to your Pneu Select’ consultant to check your options.

With our large inventory of 8,000 steel rims and 2,000 mags, Garage AD has exactly what you need. We have a large selection of rims in all sizes and styles, including steel or alloy rims in a black or silver finish. Among the many brands of rims available, you will find the ones that suit you, whether you wish to enhance the look of your vehicle or just to have a second set of tires for winter.

Wide range of hubcaps

And for those who wish to improve the image of their vehicle at minimum cost, your Pneu Select’ branch has a wide range of top quality hubcaps they can install on steel winter rims. In addition, we provide hubcaps equipped with metal grips (not plastic) for better attachment to the wheel. Lastly, Garage AD can also provide any wheel accessories you need, such as anti-theft nuts, wheel lugs, valves, etc.

Check with your consultant to see the new models of alloy or steel rims and hubcaps!