Our Vehicle Detailing Centre and Minor Bodywork

Does your vehicle need a thorough cleaning? The body has scratches or could simply use a long-lasting wax application? The windshield was hit by a rock? Make the most of your vehicle maintenance visit by taking advantage of our detailing services. We’ve got your vehicle needs covered, all under one roof!


Our detailing services

2-step buffing

We start by decontaminating the paint and cleaning the body, and then restore the paint’s shine to give your vehicle a brand-new look!

Paint protection

We offer different levels of paint protection, including carbon and ceramic coatings, which help to preserve the paint’s shine and protect against scratching.

Steam cleaning to extract calcium in mats and carpets

Our steam cleaning service is ideal for getting rid of calcium that becomes embedded in the carpets of your car over the winter. Make them look like new for the summer!

Fabric cleaning and treatment, and leather care

We offer a range of treatments that help keep your car’s interior fabric and leather in factory-like condition, for longer.

Stain and odour removal

We use highly effective organic products to remove bad odours and stubborn and sticky stains while maintaining the gloss of plastic trim.

Engine shampooing

Engine shampooing delivers more than simple aesthetic benefits. A clean motor distributes heat more efficiently, prevents hoses from cracking and reduces corrosion.

Headlight reconditioning

Improve your nighttime vision by having your car’s headlights reconditioned. The glass is sanded to remove all imperfections prior to polishing for optimal illumination.

Aquapel treatment

Aquapel rain-repellant treatment significantly improves vision by keeping rain off your windshield and making it easier to remove snow and freezing rain.

Different detailing packages are available to meet your specific needs. Whether for an all-over cleaning or quick touch-up, take advantage of our detailing centre to keep your vehicle looking beautiful.



Our minor bodywork services

Did you know that you can have minor bodywork done? For example, a cracked bumper can be welded with plastic and then painted. Such a repair is not only cost-effective, it can often be done the same day you bring your vehicle in.

  • Plastic welding
  • Paintless dent removal
  • Scratch removal
  • Windshield repair
  • Headlight restoration

Make an appointment to have your vehicle evaluated by our bodywork experts.